Dalian Hualu Guozheng Industry Co., LTD. Dalian Hualu Guozheng Industry Co., LTD.
Dalian Hualu Guozheng Industry Co., LTD. Dalian Hualu Guozheng Industry Co., LTD.
Dalian Hualu Guozheng Industry Co., LTD. Dalian Hualu Guozheng Industry Co., LTD.
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Company Profile

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Dalian Hualu Guozheng Industry Co., Ltd. | Founded in 2002

Dalian Hualu Guozheng Industry Co., LTD. is a subsidiary of China Hualu Group Co., LTD, one of the top 100 state-owned enterprises in China. Founded in April 2002, the company has two manufacturing plants in Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone and Shenyang Dadong District, covering a total area of 100,500 square meters, with more than 800 employees.

Dalian Hualu Guozheng Industry Co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise with the integration of research and development, manufacturing and sales .The business scope includes mold processing, parts manufacturing, finished product assembly and OEM/ODM processing services for well-known brand products. At the same time, our enterprise has the ability to undertake all kinds of security, special supervision, transportation, energy and other integration projects which forming a complete industrial chain from mold, spare parts to complete machine, from complete machine to integration and service.On this basis, the company in accordance with the four modules for the overall operation:

The first module is spare parts matching and the whole machine OEM business, the main business contents are processing and supporting parts of plastics, metal parts and other materails,processing production of lithium battery, aluminum-plastic film, copper components and standard module battery series parts , purifiers, projectors, intelligent safety helmet products, etc.

The second module is commodity self-management business, mainly of the self-management and self-marketing for the purifier series, security series, intelligent safety monitoring series of products.

The third module is the integration project business, which mainly provides the system solutions and services for government and enterprises, including hardware products, software systems and data analysis services, such as the integration of the safety supervision system of the Special Supervision Bureau and the elevator safety supervision service system.

The fourth module for auto parts franchise business,such as mainly parts of the whole plant, commodity circulation parts and automobile assembly products of different sizes, this module covers inside and outside plastic and metal parts of the car , soft interior composite components, sensors,functional components like braking system and light guide frame, automotive battery associated components, but also involved in the field of automobile afterloading related products and sales.


Dalian Hualu Guozheng Industry Co., Ltd. has the ability to undertake various integration projects such as security, special supervision, transportation, energy, etc., forming a complete industrial chain from molds, parts to complete machines, from complete machines to integration and services.


The company has the international advanced mold processing equipment, injection molding equipment, stamping equipment, machining equipment, painting and printing equipment, testing equipment, special equipment nearly 200 as well as a number of complete machine assembly lines.We have obtained safety, environment, ISO9001, IATF16949 and other system certificates in the quality certification management.

The company's R & D team and sales team, in line with the enterprise philosophy of customer-centered, to meet customer requirements as their own responsibility, to complete a full set of project technical solutions from mold, parts to the whole machine and integrating that solve a variety of issues and worries for customers.

The main customers currently are Omron, Matsushita, YFPO, Yanfeng Jinqiao, SKF, Delphi, Dongfeng Yanfeng, etc more than 20 well-known enterprises at home and abroad,and we are recognized as a high quality supplier by several customers during our cooperation for many years.We have obtained the qualification certification of National high-tech enterprise and advanced technology enterprise.

Dalian Hualu Guozheng Industry Co., LTD. has been taking the business operation thinking of modern enterprise intelligence, digitalization and cross-industry integrated development as the industrial target and direction.In terms of system and mechanism, it vigorously develops mixed ownership and fully mobilizes various capital advantages. In terms of industrial structure, we will vigorously cultivate the core competitiveness represented by consumption power, communication power and manufacturing power. In the future, we will follow the pace of Hualu Group .Through the implementation of multi-point support, multi-industry and other ways to help enterprises continue to grow.


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